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My Own Personal Yellow Brick Road

Ok, to get my safe to lock I need something to act as a locking mechanism, The Tech Supplies kit is designed to run a solenoid bolt but what is a solenoid?  A solenoid in it’s simplest form is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical movement. It is a coil of wire that […]


To design a strong case that will be simple to construct I need to do some research on joining acrylic, hinges and other components Glues: Solvent Cement: As I have used in the past I could use a solvent cement to join the acrylic components. This glue works via capillary action so the edges to […]

finished board

After trawling many companies I ended back on the Tech supplies website, their own solenoid had been out of stock for weeks but no more! I have ordered and received a miniature, PCB mountable ‘pull’ solenoid. First thing to do is to test it connected to my board… and it works! (I seem to be […]