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I felt particularly unprepared for the session today, I still didn’t have any real idea about where this project was going this morning. I now know it is not supposed to be initially product centered, the research we will be engaging in may lead to the creation of a product but  to focus down too early would be limiting

I know I want to work on my electronics and the best idea I could come up with after chatting with Steve was to have a crack at passing GCSE electronics, this seemed to answer my need for improvement but after presenting the idea I’m not so sure.

Here are some of the feedback post-its I got from the session:

The most frequent comment was that I was giving myself a lot of work, it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to cram the whole GCSE programme down into the 3 months or so we have available for the project, also taking into account the time needed for SKD50, the skills audit and the essay that all need to be handed in on the 25th May. Dean seemed to think it would be a good starting point but I need to focus down and soon. 

My major problem seems to be in that I can’t see past my usual design process; brief, spec, research, design ideas etc. this project is much more like a diary of exploration. It feels scarily open, maybe I’m just a boundaries junkie at heart?

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