Design and Technology
My Own Personal Yellow Brick Road

As our circuits were to be based around an PIC chip I thought it would be a good idea to find out what it is and what it does. Well PIC just stands for Programmable Integrated Circuit, which is great but I don’t know what an integrated circuit is yet! On surfing around I found […]

Setting up the Light Box

Right, Ok then, Eeeep… This originally sounded like Dean was asking me to something on par with “just run along to the nearest dragons lair and bring me back some rubies would you , oh and careful you don’t get scorched along the way”. Me? Make a PCB? From scratch?¬†Right. First step, what is a […]


OK time to put some components onto my board to see if I’ve got this right so far. The soldering was quite easy, some of my GCSE knowledge came drifting back up from where it was buried in my brain plus a couple of the guy’s here have worked as electrical engineers (thanks Steve!) Tips: […]

flow chart copy

To programme my PIC chip I’m using the PICAXE Programming Editor, you can either programme using flow charts or in code, I’ll detail both below. Right a nice simple programme, make an LED blink at regular intervals, I started with the flowchart programme as I find it easier to visualise: ¬† So you can see […]