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My Own Personal Yellow Brick Road

We have quite a quandary here don’t we? We all want to be more environmentally friendly but we also need to buy things like food, clothes, furniture and stuff to keep us clean. If you’ve read my posts on packaging design you’ll see that any company wanting it’s product to be successful, whatever it is, […]


You have different packaging for different products, you wouldn’t put headache pills in a crisp packet for example. Packaging has to be fit for purpose, to get the manufacturers new big thing into your hands intact and with enough info that you know what to do (and not to do)¬†with it. It’s also there to […]


This is a little bit of research I did last semester, as I’m continuing it my investigations on this site I thought I’d move it over :)¬† Packaging is used in just about every aspect of our lives, you can’t really get away from it, even if you try! It’s used to protect products in […]