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I’ve downloaded and had a go at the BBC Bitesize electronics exam paper and I’ve come out with (using very gerenral grading bands) something like a C! That came as a huge surprise, it seems as though I really don’t have that much confidence in my own knowledge of electronics, well that showed me! It’s […]

Oh boy, my meeting with Dean did not go so well this morning… I’ve spent the last week reading around my notes on electronics and reading a couple of books on the subject. The problem is I’m still not focused enough, I could spend the rest of this semester reading around electronics and still not […]

crit postits

I felt particularly unprepared for the session today, I still didn’t have any real idea about where this project was going this morning. I now know it is not supposed to be initially product centered, the research we will be engaging in may lead to the creation of a product but  to focus down too early would be […]


The skills audit is all about developing competences in my subject area, so to be able to rate my development I needed to try and define competence. As I mentioned before I had had a go at this definition back at the start of the course and the information I gathered formed the introduction to my […]

Right, brand new project, time to have some fun… This project is not your average design and make, I have to go through my skills audit and identify areas for development (basically to decide what I’m worst at) and then to develop them The skills audit is all about developing competences, but what does this […]