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My Own Personal Yellow Brick Road

OK time to put some components onto my board to see if I’ve got this right so far. The soldering was quite easy, some of my GCSE knowledge came drifting back up from where it was buried in my brain plus a couple of the guy’s here have worked as electrical engineers (thanks Steve!) Tips: […]

Almost complete

Right, now I have decided on my product I need to purchase the keypad kit, put it together and make my alterations. The kit comes fromĀ a company called Tech Supplies ( and contains the basics I need for making my safe. Before I received my kit I had assumed that the keypad would work by […]


Now that I have all my pieces cut and temporarily fixed together (thank you masking tape) I need to return my attention to my wiring. The flying leads I used when first putting the keypad together are far too long and are made from single core wire making them very stiff and prone to breaking […]