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My Own Personal Yellow Brick Road
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Wow, what a journey. From landing in OZ (being given my skills audit), traveling the yellow brick road (filling in the gaps in my knowledge) to escaping the evil flying monkeys (procrastination, confusion and misinformation) I think I’ve finally arrived… My attitude towards the whole of electronics at the start of this process was one […]

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The Wizard has spoken! After reviewing my progress to date with Dean I now have a way forward to prove my competence. I stated in one of my first posts¬†what I deem to be competence: ¬†’To be competent in a subject you need to understand it but also to be able to apply your understanding, […]

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At the beginning of this project electronics in general terrified me. I had one project under my belt and I felt it didn’t really count as I used a kit. Now I’m planning my own little projects to do over the summer! I love the intricacies and the logic in electronics, making my test circuits […]

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Ok, what is competence? I should start with the work I did way back when at the start of the course, the passage below is the introduction to my skills audit: As this journal is designed to assess my capability in the subject areas listed at the start of each section of this document I […]