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My Own Personal Yellow Brick Road
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dragon test

So, first, what is going to make my dragon fly? As a said before I think that the best mechanism to replicate the movement of the Pegasus will be a crank. A crank is basically a lever attached to a rotating shaft, the diagrams below are from a great book ‘Cabaret Mechanical Movement’ by Aidan […]


To design a strong case that will be simple to construct I need to do some research on joining acrylic, hinges and other components Glues: Solvent Cement: As I have used in the past I could use a solvent cement to join the acrylic components. This glue works via capillary action so the edges to […]

Clearance Plan

Well, as I’ve designed a door to hold all the electronics of this project I need to make sure it will open, I want the box on the back of the door to fit as snugly as possible into the inner box. This will look neat and also reduce the stroke length of the solenoid […]

Final design

I’ve finished tweaking my design and have produced an (hopefully) accurate isometric drawing, the dotted lines represent the view of the inner pieces through the clear acrylic:

safe door copy

These are my final design files for the outer case, inner case and the door: I’ve included holes to allow me to attach the PCB, buzzer, keypad and the LEDs as well as ports in the door panels to allow me to access the stereo PICAXE connector, for the battery cable and for the solenoid […]