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binary counter wave form

I wanted to create a couple of circuits using 555 timers and 4017 decade counters but I seem to have hit a brick wall in trying to obtain any 4017s! Rapid look through equivalent chips with Dean and it looks like I can use a 4028 chip instead. A 4028 is officially known as a BCD […]

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resistor colours

Now we get to have a little fun… I’m going to take a look at the 3 types of circuit you can make with a 555 timer, astable, monostable and bistable. Monostable – one stable state This is my monostable circuit and I’ve calculated that I need a 100K resistor with my 100µf capacitor to […]

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If I’m going to teach electronics (or even develop my interest as a hobby) there are three ICs that I will have to look at. They are the op amp (operational amplifier), the 555 timer and the 4017 decade counter. Op Amp – this IC takes a weak signal and gives it a boost, it’s made up […]