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My Own Personal Yellow Brick Road
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dragon test

So, first, what is going to make my dragon fly? As a said before I think that the best mechanism to replicate the movement of the Pegasus will be a crank. A crank is basically a lever attached to a rotating shaft, the diagrams below are from a great book ‘Cabaret Mechanical Movement’ by Aidan […]

broken hinge tab

The first test has been somewhat of a disaster, after completing the 2D design drawings of the door, setting up the laser cutter (H+S info here) and cutting my first pieces I found that the settings were off as it failed to cut cleanly and all the way through the acrylic. As a result the […]

Laser cutter

There are a few things to keep in mind when using the laser cutter: Never use without turning on the extraction! The laser melts through the material being cut and can release harmful fumes. It also causes damage to the machine by fogging up the mirrors and making the laser less efficient. Never look directly […]


Everything has been cut and and I’m ready to start construction, first step, have a practice run… All the pieces slot together so I can construct the box and check any fit issues without needing to glue anything. After extending the battery cable I realised that I have not allowed space for the on/off switch, a […]