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My Own Personal Yellow Brick Road
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Here are the most interesting new materials I’ve come across this year, smart or modern, I don’t care they’re so cool!! I want to build a garden installation out of air concrete, I crave having a thermotile shower and don’t get me started on neon tea bags… If materials designers and engineers keep this going […]

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This has to be the best wireless charger I’ve ever seen! You place the item to be charged in the ‘bird bath’ and watch the ripples of charge flow out. The level of the ‘water’ indicates the level of charge and when your device it fully charged the birds glow! Designed by Sun Kyung Kim this charger […]

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When you think of a computer keyboard it’s not really that exciting is it? It just needs to be a functioning method of transferring your key strokes, nothing special… Think again! I came across these while I was trawling the Internet in an effort to avoid working, procrastination is occasionally so worth it Optimus Tactus […]

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Just thought I’d share this as I think they are one of the coolest robotics developments out there: AirPenguin – autonomously flying robotic penguins With the AirPenguins, the engineers from Festo have created artificial penguins and have taught them “autonomous flight in the sea of air”. For this purpose, control and regulating technology had to […]