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It’s a Keyboard Jim, but not as we know it…
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When you think of a computer keyboard it’s not really that exciting is it? It just needs to be a functioning method of transferring your key strokes, nothing special…

Think again!

I came across these while I was trawling the Internet in an effort to avoid working, procrastination is occasionally so worth it :)

Optimus Tactus

The Optimus Tacticus has no keys!! it’s basically on big screen that can be programmed to perform any function or to display any image. You’re designing your own keyboards set up. It’s not yet in production but it would be so cool if this also encompassed tablet technology, all you’d need is a stylus and you wouldn’t have to have a separate piece of tech!

Optimus Maximus

The Maximus ,on the other hand, has all the keys you’d expect on a normal keyboard… except they’re all programmable. Not only that but each one has a small OLED screen to display your chosen function. Good for typing multiple languages but that’s not the main benefit, I know a couple of web developers who’d love to get their hands on one of these to program it to HTML!

Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

This one doesn’t even have a physical body, just a projector! It uses an optical recognition mechanism to ‘see’ which key you’ve pressed, you can use it on any flat surface and, as it says in the name, it can connect to any keyboard compatible bluetooth device. It even uses simulated key ‘click’ sounds just in case it was a but too far out for you :)

DataHand Ergonomic Keyboard

It’s quite obvious to see the unique selling point of this keyboard. It was designed using detailed ergonomic data to make it one of the most comfortable and strain free typing platforms available. Using it’s various modes it has more keys than a regular keyboard and has the added bonus of incorporating a mouse, no more switching over! 


This one is really special, it’s been designed for use by people with severe arthritis, carpel tunnel, partial blindness and it has shown to be really successful in helping people with autism or cognitive difficulties to communicate. It works by sliding the left and right domes in a sequence dictated by the colour of the letter to be typed, like this:

Neat :)

Finally, the real developers keyboard: apparently only amateurs need more keys…



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