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I just thought I’d put together a collection of some of the cool things I’ve come across on looking into mechanisms and structures, it might be a bit disjointed but hopefully it’ll provide some inspiration :)

The self balancing bookshelf:

What a conversation starter, I think when I move next I might just have to make space to build one of these…

The best video tutorial on the differential gear:

I love this video, right down to the 1930′s voice and the use of the motor cycle stunt team!

The customisable public bench:

Basically, using a utility box located near the bench, anyone can alter their urban environment. Talk about power to the people, designed by Carmela Bogman and Roger Martens it means to put a DIY urban design element back in the hands of the broader public.

The gear ring:

For fidgets everywhere :)

Folding concrete!

Designed by Dror Benshetrit, these blocks work based on 4 elements cleverly joined that use gravity to hold them open. The applications are huge, as part of the research for this design the tried out wooden and metal frame versions and found that with a few additional elements you could have almost instant temporary housing that would be structurally sound, strong and would last, new innovation in refugee camp building?

I love the book version, I want to build a book case using them :)

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