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Ok, I have presented my two ideas to the rest of my class and my tutor and have made a decision on the product I will be making.

Both ideas were well received however one will be much more achievable in the time scale I have to complete this project. While the dragon money box would be a cool project, working out the mechanisms for the moving parts and sculpting the case whether for the final piece or to vac form over will take more time than I have.

The keypad safe has more scope for using the CNC machinery we have in the workshop such as the laser cutter. I have researched a keypad kit from Tech Supplies that has the scope for the alterations I would like to make. The kit has a buzzer that sounds when the keys are pressed, a bi-colour LED that glows green or red to indicate the locked/unlocked status and a terminal block to connect up a solenoid bolt.

Alterations I want to make:

  • A siren to sound if a wrong code is entered
  • A pressure seal like sound effect when the door opens (clunk, hsssssss)
  • A seperate LED for the locked/open status, one green, one red.
  • Use of clear acrylic to show the inner workings (fit in with the high tech look and feel)
  • Experimenting with other lights to make the best of  the effects of LEDs end on to clear acrylic.

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