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I pulled this safety information from the Boxford website ( accessed on 14/01/2011):

Safety equipment features

  • Full perimeter guarding with interlocking switches on access doors arranged in the positive (safety) mode for spindle stop and feed hold.
  • Overload cut-out on spindle drive.
  • Positive end stops on all axes.
  • Mandatory graphics run required for new programs before matching cycle can be commenced and step by step execution of graphics in advance of cut in machining cycle.
  • Integrated electrical panel with no volt supply protection.
  • Feed rate over-ride.
  • Feed hold.
  • Latching emergency stop button.
  • power on indicator lamp.
  • Low voltage control circuitry.

I have found that whilst working with this machine that as long as you double check your measurements (stuck-out, billet dimensions etc) and make sure that the work piece is properly secured then you shouldn’t have any problems in manufacture.

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