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My Own Personal Yellow Brick Road
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So what is binary? To date my only contact with binary code has been to understand this joke, I know it’s all about a 2 digit system consisting of 1s and 0s and that the binary digit for 2 is 10 (confused yet? ask me to go further than 2 in binary and I will […]

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One thing you can’t get away from when investigating digital circuits is logic. I already had a vague inkling of what logic and logic gates were when I started this investigation but boy did I underestimate the scope! Here’s what I found out… Digital circuits are made up of digital switches called gates or logic […]

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The first step is to find out why digital electronics are different for any other type, what makes it different? The defining point is the signals involved… An electrical signal is a pattern over time of electrical current, there are two types of signal: digital and analogue. As you can tell by the name digital […]